Friday, September 24, 2010

Moving Day

Welcome to THE POPS GUSTAV ARCHIVE, a new home for a bunch of old stuff. All of the material here was previously published either elsewhere on the web or in an actual paper-and-ink periodical (don’t you die on me!). Many of these pieces were originally posted on my old site, TOUGH GUY Goods & Services, a catch-all for art, writing and design. TOUGH GUY has been revamped as an art-only site (and moved to Blogger), and from now on, all my new writing will be on POPS GUSTAV (formerly TGlob).

So why bother making a new site for some dusty pontificating? Because I don’t have a goddamn book, that’s why. Thanks for rubbing it in. Certainly, lots of stuff that’s been sitting on the old TGGS is not going to make the transition, but between my REWIND column on, a few as-yet un-archived writings for other outlets and a handful of still-strongly held Tough Guy rants, there’s more than enough that (hopefully) warrants taking up some valuable Blogger hard drive space.

Keep checking back, new… uh, that is, old stuff should be posted weekly.

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